Forgiveness and food

An important part of this blog for me is honesty. I can tell you all the wonderful progress I've made in my life through this blog but if I leave out my mistakes and struggles than I'll be leaving out half the journey. I am human and yes sometimes I over indulge and and neglect mindful eating. Tonight I had a great night with one of my girlfriends, We stayed out late and I did not get into the house until after midnight. I've gone 4 entire days without eating sugar now and have been feeling pretty proud of myself. But tonight when I walked in the kitchen and saw a delicious bar of dark chocolate lying on the counter I could not resist.

  I inhaled the dark chocolate, some dark chocolate truffles, a piece of pie, and some coffee ice cream.   As I begin to dig my fork into the half filled bin of ice cream I begin to feel guilty.  And then I stopped myself and remembered the point of my blog and my journey towards better health.  No its not to be perfect and never make a mistake.  The point of this journey is to learn to love myself unconditionally even when I do make mistakes.  So as I was eating the ice cream I forgave myself because that's what love really means after all.  And as soon as I forgave myself the urge to continue eating stopped.   I put the ice cream away and left my guilt along with it in the freezer.

Moral of the story.......

 I had a very healthy day and I slipped a little towards the end. But that doesnt mean I have erased all of the hard work I've done over the past four days.   In our society  a lot people, myself included, have the tendency to let guilt rule their lives when it comes to food.  So I am going to give you all a challenge.  The next time you feel an urge to indulge or slip on your diet replace that sense of guilt that comes along with the urge to over indulge with love.  Instead of fighting and avoiding your cravings for junk food develop compassion for your impulse to indulge.  Thats right.  Its okay to have urges.  It doesn't make you a bad person.  If you pursue those urges you're not a bad person either.   By replacing guilt with love we begin to see food as a blessing.  We begin to nourish our bodies with the healthiest and freshest foods not because we want to make up for the binge we had the night before but because we love and respect our bodies. 

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