My trip to Door County

Yesterday I mentioned in my post that one of the best ways to boost serotonin levels and reduce cravings is to get outside and experience nature.  I know it sounds like a good idea in theory, however, when you’re feeling down and craving ice cream and chocolate, you really have no desire to go outside and get in tune with the good old mother nature.  Speaking from my personal experience, when I am feeling sad or angry I’m usually drawn to darker places that are stocked with lots of comfort food. 
 But this weekend I was reminded of the therapeutic effects that nature can have on my mood.  Over the weekend my family and I took a vacation to Door County, a picturesque lakeside village with tiny boutiques most grandmothers love, and a heavenly abundance of the most delicious cherries you can find in the country.   Every time I return to Door Country I become re-infatuated by the seamless beauty of the landscape and the laid back atmosphere of the town.  

Call me a hopeless romantic, but every time I see a Door County sunset or travel along the long and winding bike paths, I get this overwhelming feeling that there is something greater taking place outside of me.   I am transported into a state of consciousness that is so deeply satisfying that I forget all about the cravings.
I no longer need the cookies and ice cream to cope with my emotions.  Instead I release them into the vast and expansive horizon that seems almost larger than life itself.  When I feel the sunlight on my face and hear the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, I realize that there is an entire world inside of me that is far more beautiful, far more satisfying than any food I’ve ever tasted. All this time I was trying to build a home for myself using food, but the beauty of Door County remindes me that the peace and security I crave existed inside of me all along.