Yesterdays killer workout

Yesterday I had an excellent workout.  Even though it was 90 degrees and I was feeling exhausted I was determined to get my sweat on.  So I quickly changed into a sports bra and some spandex (my favorite work out clothes), grabbed my ipod, and began running towards the lake.  Some people don't care about what they wear when they workout, but I think its important. A nice outfit makes me feel better about my body.  And when I feel sexy I am gonna push myself to the limits.

When I arrived at tha lake beads of sweat ran down my forehead.  I had two options: turn back because of the heat or push foward. I chose to keep running through the sweat and my burning muscles that begged me to walk.  No, I will keep moving,faster, faster. I sprinted up a hill and began my distance run.

I arrived at Atwater park about 1.5 miles and 2 gallons of sweat later.  I ran down 6 flights of stairs towards the sandy beach covered with families and couples soaking up the Wisconsin sun.   I found a bench and did two sets of 10 tricep push ups and 10 normal push ups.  Afterwards I sprinted up 6 flights of stairs and continued the 1.5 mile run back to my house.

I timed myself on the way to the park and I was determined to beat my time on the way back.  My heart pounded through my chest and I gasped for air.  I could stop.  I don't have to do this.  But I did not want to claim defeat.  Yes, I would carry on past the couples stairing sympathetically at me and the towering mansions along the lakeside.   I knew I was strong.  It was time to prove it.

The last 100 yards of my run I increased my stride as though I was finishing a marathon.  I love the feeling of running alone and plowing through the pain head on. I was no longer escaping from my pain with sugar or carbs.  I was befriending it, embracing it.

By the time I reached my house I could taste the salty sweat on my tongue.  I wanted to finish my workout with an intense ab work out so I did a You Tube search for "Killer ab workout."   For 15 minutes I watched a peppy Asian pilates instructor walk me through one of the hardest ab workouts I've ever completed.  I finished feeling exhausted but proud of completing my intense workout.

I realised that working out seems so much more impossible when your thinking about it.  When you actually follow Nike's infamous tagline and "Just do it," its really not that bad.  I've commited myself to a weekly workout plan.
Monday- Endurance cardio
Tuesday- Arm and back Strength
Wednesday- Interval cardio
Thursday- Leg and glut strength
Friday- Full body strength/cardio
Saturday- Yoga
Sunday- Break day

I've heard that developing structure is the key for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.  I hope my workout plan will provide me with enough structure to take myself to the next level in fitness and health.

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