Barbeque chicken: my mom's best kept secret

I love everything about summer evenings: the smell of tender barbeque chicken roasting on the grill, the sound of neighborhood kids playing with their dog, and the way the sunlight ever so gently caresses the bed of flowers  in our backyard.  My mouth is still watering from the barbeque chicken my mom made for dinner tonight.  Though you wouldn’t expect it looking at her, my mom is becoming an expert at the sport of barbeque.   It’s quite entertaining to watch her outside with her wine glass in hand, carefully flipping the barbeque chicken breast from side to side.   After living in the dorms for an entire year, the taste of home cooked barbeque is like an oasis to my taste buds.   There really is nothing better than the sweet taste of barbeque sauce marinated over crispy chicken breast on a warm July evening.