Back on track

 Today I finished my classes around 12:00, studied for a couple hours, and then hit the track for a great workout.  It felt so good to be running again after finally recovering from the terrible cold virus that’s infesting the campus. 

Fortunately, I was able to get some quality rest during my sick period.  Sometimes I think illness is our body’s way of telling us to slow down and breathe.  I’ve been so busy lately that I have not had the proper time to take care of myself.  So this week for me is all about getting healthy again.  Minus the large piece of chocolate cake I had last night, I feel like I am ready to have a balanced and healthy week. 
 In college it’s a real struggle to balance health, school and social life.  I usually find myself caught in one of the three, ussually school.  When I am overly focused on one area, I realize that the quality of my life goes down significantly.   If I neglect working out or eating healthy on a regular basis I usually get irritated, moody, or anxious.  The key for me is making a schedule.  I block out specific times when I am going to eat, workout, do work, and hangout with friends.   By 4:00pm I know that its time to workout. 

Here is my workout for the day:

150 m sprint

10 burpes

20 jumping jacks

30 mountain climbers

20 sit ups

(I repeated this set 6x.)

After I finished my workout I went to the dinning hall and prepared myself a healthy stir fry with gluten free soy sauce.  For dessert, I ate some yogurt with raisins and nuts.  Its been a good and healthy day.  I've got a feeling this is gonna a wonderful week :)