A True Coffee Adventure

Sunday use to be one of my least favorite days of the week.  Sure, in the theory it was suppose to be a day of rest and relaxation. But in my case, it usually ended up feeling more like a race to finish last minute homework and chores for the week ahead.  Now that I have finished my school days, Sunday is finally becoming for me what it always should have been, a day to “let go” and enjoy the little things in life.

This past Sunday, my friend and I made it our mission to find a place that would accommodate our needs for great coffee, great food, and great conversation.  An hour later, I found myself sitting in a quaint little hipster café called the Fox in the Snow, sharing laughter and stories with my friend, Eric over an almond latté and gourmet egg sandwich.  The whole process of getting away from my apartment and the chores that I normally designate for Sundays was nothing short from exhilarating.  I felt that sense of timelessness one gets on vacation, when deadlines and to-do lists evaporate into a frothy bliss of pure relaxation.

After finishing breakfast, we decided to continuing exploring the Columbus café scene. Our next stop was Mission Coffee, a neighborhood café, located in the heart of the Short North—Columbus’s version of Soho. Each time I return to Mission coffee I fall in love with it’s modern, yet friendly red brick and concrete interior, the classic jazz music playing alongside the espresso machines, and the passionate baristas, always eager to strike up conversation about the different types of coffee grind.  This time was no exception.

Randomly, I also ran into a couple people who graduated from the College of Wooster at Mission coffee.  It felt like a little college reunion and reminded me of the fact that wonderful surprises can happen when you venture outside of your normal routines.  

Each day the choices we make define the outcome. We have the choice to stay attached to rigid routines and let stress control our moods. Or, we can take the time to smell the coffee in life, and take an adventure, enjoying the little surprises that add depth and variety to our lives. Though I didn’t end up having time to do laundry on Sunday, I did have a spontaneous, wonderful coffee adventure. And I can’t say that I have any regrets.