The why behind working out


I’ve found that my energy and motivation to workout fluctuates by the day.  Some days I feel like I am ready to take on the world with the sassy lyrics from the French singer,Yelle blasting through my ears.   But other days I move slow and painfully, feeling as though I am moving through quick sand.  

Yesterday by the time it was 5:00 pm I knew it was time for me to workout. I had been sitting in front of a computer screen the whole day.  If I didn’t break a sweat in the next hour I would start feeling really sluggish.  The only problem was that I had absolutely no desire to workout. Right as I was about to reach for the remote to the television, I saw my mother dressed in her Lululemons running gear heading out the door.

Don’t ask how this happened, but 15 minutes later I ended up outside in the rain, running next to my mother.  “Mom can we please make this a short run?” I begged.
Who was I kidding?  As we got to our originally designated end point, my mom energetically forged ahead, plowing through the heavy wind and the rain drops that fell upon her dirty blond pony tail.   My mom’s unending supply of energy never failed to astound me.  “How do you always have the energy to workout?” I asked.
“Well,” she replied “ I don’t always have the energy to workout.  After working 8 hours today the last thing I wanted to do was go on a run.”
“Than why did you do it?” I asked somewhat puzzled.
“For you," she replied as though my question was completely obvious.

"For me??" I repeated.

She continued,"If I let myself be a coach potato I would be at much greater health risks and I wouldn’t be able to be take care of you and your sister. ”
“And because you want to be a Mamacita…” I added.
My mom laughed and said: “You have to have a good reason for working out.  If you don’t understand why you want to work out than your always going to give the voice that says, 'let’s just be a coach potato today' way more power than it deserves.”
As we finally arrived at the house, my quad and calf muscles burned with lactic acid.   But I didn’t feel tired, I felt energized.   I had exerted myself both mentally and physically and overcome the little voice inside of me telling me to stay at home.
I realized that the reason I workout is because of this euphoric feeling that I get every time I push past my limits and allow myself to be uncomfortable.   I workout because moving my body faster and harder than I think I can makes me feel alive. 
The conversation with my mom reminded me that its hard to find the motivation to work out if you are doing so because its what you think you should be doing.  In my personal experience, its much more effective to approach working out with a clear understanding of why you want to workout. Ask yourself the following questions:
Now I’ve realized that working out in theory seems to be a nice idea, but actually doing it can be a different story.  So remember the reasons why you really want to workout and then go out and do it! 

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